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Sodtcover | 21.5 x 1 x 28 cm | 96 pp

Book Palace | 2012 onwards

illustrators is a quarterly magazine featuring illustration from around the world. It gives the stories behind the artists and their art, with features by leading authorities. Each issue provides insight into the creative process, from initial idea to final image.

Features in issue 1 include:
Denis McLoughlin - his life and art: dames, guns and danger;
Ian Kennedy - an interview with the UK comics legend;
Angel Badia Camps - alluring, sensuous sensibility;
Cheri Herouard - 1960's Chic;
Mick Brownfield tells the story behind his 2009 Radio Times Christmas Cover (Daleks, Dancers, Decorations)

Features in issue 2 include:
David Wright - a brush with Fitzrovia and his elegant art;
My Affair with Carol Day - Roger Clark confesses all;
Cecil Doughty - Blades and Brocades;
Raymond Sheppard - his Iridescent World Under the Great Arch of Heaven;
Renato Fratini and his urbane art;
John Watkiss gets under the skin of the Walking Dead;
Jordi Penalva - his Fleetway Super Library covers

Features in issue 3 include:
Fortunino Matania, the truly great artist who brought history alive and became the greatest historical illustrator of his day;
Peter Maddocks, Fleet Street's innovative cartoonist extraordinaire;
Andy Virgil, one of New York City's leading illustrators;
History of Micron pocket library war comics and their artists;
Bernie Fuchs, a look at his highly accomplished compositional skills

Features in issue 4 include:
Michael Johnson - whose work epitomized the Swinging London of the '60s;
Chris McEwan - uniquely idiosyncratic world;
The Nightmare Painters (Pan Horror);
Leslie Ashwell Wood - maestro of the cut-away painting;
Walter Wyles - rumbustious Georgian scenes;
The Pan Book of Horror Stories
The Dumbing Down of Modern Paperback Covers

Features in issue 5 include:
Mick Brownfield -
interview with the maestro and Radio Times illustrator;
Brian Sanders -
esteemed illustrator who painted the latest Mad Men poster;
Derek Eyles -
dapper doyen of equestrian action;
Anne and Janet Grahame Johnstone -
twin sisters who created an enchanted world familiar to children the world over;
Frank Bellamy - 
Heros the Spartan

Features in issue 6 include:
Walter Wyles - one of the 20th Century's greatest romantic illustrators;
Dave Gaskill - the legendary Fleet Street caricaturist;
Graham Coton - the high octane art of this talented artist;
Lawrence Fish and his multi-faceted art;
The Illustrators Workshop - New York's legendary studio

Features in issue 8 include:
Bart Forbes - one of the USA's leading artists and illustrators;
Les Edwards - the UK's premier dark fantasy artist;
Sidney Paget - legendary illustrator of crime fiction, including his iconic Sherlock Holmes;
John Haslam - off-the-wall artist and cartoonist;
Bernie Fuchs - leading American illustrator;
Zelda Devon - Brooklyn-based illustrator whose work is wry and enigmatic

Features in issue 9 include:
Bruce Pennington - the legendary science fiction artist;
Eric Parker - the adrenalised art of Sexton Blake illustrator;
Miss Led - beautifully elegant and iconographic imagery;
Will Terry - the magical children's book illustrator

Features in issue 11 include:
James McConnell - the UK's most prolific pulp and western artist;
Donato Giancola - amazing artist who brings the disciplines of the Old Masters to the 21st century;
Tomer Hanuka - Jennifer Gori reveals the remarkable visions of his electrifying art;
Mike Terry - one of the doyens of the golden age of humorous advertising art;
Freya Hartas - recently graduated and already making her mark;
Jonathan Burton - his take on 'House on Haunted Hill';
Gustave Doré - his 'over-the-edge' art on display.

Features in issue 12 include:
Android Jones – the inspirational and redemptive worlds of this extraordinary artist;
Howard Chaykin – the vices and virtues of a comics legend;
Sidney Sime – the unsettling realm of one of the UK's weirdest artists;
Denis Zilber – his photo-realistic work reveals charm, wit and manic energy;
Philip Mendoza – the latter years of this artistic giant;
Ron Murphy – meet Ron's alter ego 'Arty Freeman' whose work is literally off-the-wall

Features in issue 13 include:
Mitch O'Connell - the "world's best artist" bares his soul;
Septimus Scott - the swashbuckling septuagenarian;
Jeff Miracola - the busy artist whose life and work are inspirational;
Brooke Boynton Hughes - creator of exquisite and captivating children's art;
Tor Upson - Damien Hirst's painting assistant.

Features in issue 14 include:
Tara McPherson: astronomy, astrophysics and a love of anime mean her haunting images reach for the stars;
Joe Jusko: pump iron with the legendary artist as he shares his amazing highs and lows;
Maurice Leloir: hurtle back to the court of Louis XIV and see the stunning detailed historical art;
Adam Stower: gasp with delight at the whimsical worlds of his art;
Mike Zagorski and his guilelessly weird art;
Fortunino Matania: the art of Reportage Illustration.

Features in issue 15 include:
Dave McKean: we meet this truly talented and visionary artist;
Andy Thomas: best selling artist on a trip through the old West;
Jonathan Ball: the kaleidoscopic world of illustrator/animator;
Giorgio de Gaspari: paintings with a punch!
Sam Peffer: bruise your knuckles!
plus our regular features including The Bookshelf and Letters.

Features in issue 17 include:
Mort Künstler: acclaimed US Civil War artist and the master at plunging viewers into the heart of the action;
Gustave Doré: meet one of the world's most influential illustrators;
Zac Retz: enjoy the charm and romance of his whimsical art;
Francisco Coching: the King of Filipino comics

Features in issue 18 include:
Mort Drucker: one of the most iconic US artists, particularly known for MAD magazine;
Ernesto Garcia Cabral: legendary talent and a true revolutionary;
Puffin Books: the origins of this most successful publisher of children's books;
Katyuli Lloyd: one of the hottest young talents making waves across a variety of media;
John Watkiss: we reflect on the sad passing of this truly visionary artist

Features in issue 19 include:
James Gurney: Dinotopia and much more!
Erik Kriek's Goth rock vibe;
J.O.B.: Imperial France in all its glory;
Arturo Del Castillo: enjoy a folio of his most stunning artwork;
Norman Rockwell (single page article): His worst idea ever!

Issue 20 is a special edition featuring The Russian Romantics including:
Franz Roubaud, Ivan Bilibin, Ilya Repin, Vasily Polenov, Victor Vasnetsov, Ivan Shiskin, Konstantin & Vladimir Makovsky, Vasily Surikov, Konstantin Flavitsky,
Ivan Kramskol, Pavel Fedotov, Vasily Maximov, Isaac Levitan, Konstantin Savitsky, Andrei Ryabushkin, Grigory Miasoyedov Ivan Alvazovsky

Features in issue 21 include:
Rodney Matthews: One of the most enduring and visionary illustrators of all time
Stevan Dohanos: artist and illustrator of the social realism school, best known for his Saturday Evening Post covers and several 'Don't Talk' World War II propaganda posters
J Allen St. John: Grand Master of fantasy and much more!
Lucy Kemp-Welch: mistress of equestrian art
Jose 'Pepe' Gonzalez: An amusing anecdote

British War Special issue covers the history and artists of the Dami Agency which supplied Italian artists to the publishers of British War Comics from the 1950s to the 1980s, including Air Ace, Battle and War Picture Libraries and Fleetway Super Library.

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