Studying TV Drama

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Michael Massey

Softcover | 23.37 x 1.27 x 16.76 cm | 256 pp

Auteur Publishing | 2010 | 9781906733049

Students following graduate level courses in Media Studies have had the benefit of many books covering a variety of television genres, but titles on TV drama aimed specifically at students at a lower level have been notably few. But with drama now forming a major part of courses at this level, Studying TV Drama is designed to meet this need, analysing landmark productions from six decades as a way into the exploration of the techniques, technologies, aesthetics and values of television drama.

Studying TV Drama begins with a lengthy general introduction tracing thehistory of UK TV drama from the 1950s, touching on the likes of Play for Todayand Up the Junction. The subsequent chapters take the form of case studiesof a specific TV drama, dealing with: the significance of that programme in thehistory/ development of TV drama as a genre; content and narrative structure:representation; dramatic style and form; and technical analysis (camera, sound,editing, mise-en-scène). The chosen case studies focus on contemporary andcontinuing drama likely to be familiar to students (such as Doctor Who) as wellas some landmark productions to act as key points (such as Bleak House), USdrama as a particular mode is represented by the Hugh Laurie vehicle, HouseMD. The dramas selected also represent differences of production style toprovide a varied experience for the purposes of analysis, making Studying TVDrama the perfect introduction to the field.

Chapter One - Analysing Television DramaChapter Two-Coronation StreetChapter Three The Singing DetectiveChapter Four- Clocking Off & State of PlayChapter Five-Casualty & Holby GityChapter Six - Doctor VWhoChapter Seven-Period Drama AdaptationsChapter Eight- Life on Mars & Ashes to AshesChapter Nine - House MDChapter Ten - Lost in AustenChapter Eleven - Approaches to Studying TV Drama


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