There is No F in ART (is there?) - Signed

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Eli Castelli

Softcover | 17.7 x 1 x 12.1 cm | 2018

A Sven Dali Press | 2018 | 9781527229150

Signed copies

When does art become ART? WHO says it is art? - Should we believe THEM? Can cultural appreciation be bought at auction? Is art judged on its merit or by the maker?

Written to provoke thought, rather than blindly accept what is sold to us as art, There is No F in ART is an irreverent, tongue in cheek, overview at some of the Art world’s foibles. Iconic artworks revamped and pop culture, juxtapose to illustrate.

Is conceptual art something to be poked fun at, or something deeply profound or both? It’s this balance between the powerful emotional impact that certain art can have on some, versus, how contemporary art is dismissed by others, that this book looks to pick apart.

Playful and provocative, vacuous and profound, some of the illustrations conceal well-known art history facts for students of the arts to discover for themselves.

I read it last night and enjoyed it, well done. - Charles Saatchi

Brilliant. I made sure all my studio staff read it too. - Stuart Semple, Culture Hustle

Full of fascinating quotes and witty images. Love the format! - Jacqui Ansell, Christie’s Education

Better than proper art books. - Ben Street, BBC Presenter, Art Historian & Writer

One of my Top 5 lockdown reads. - Tabish Khan, Art Critic, The Londonist


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