About us

Hello, I am Guy Bigland – artist, bookseller and owner of Books About Art. I offer a carefully-selected collection of Art, Design, Media and Architecture books at substantially reduced prices. Books About Art is the only specialist bookseller offering such a comprehensive collection of Art and Design books sourced from the international remainder market, many of which have not been previously available in the UK.

A little history...
The business began in the late 1980s as Pennies From Heaven – an Art and Design bookseller offering difficult-to-find publications and catalogues. Initially operating from a shop in Bath, the business changed to a mobile operation for educational institutions. By the late 90s, seven walk-in book vans supplied schools, colleges and universities across the UK and Ireland as well as selling direct to students via pop-up sales in the foyers and cafes of art schools.
In 2016 I took the business on and renamed it Books About Art. I had just one van and for four years I enjoyed traveling from my base in Bath to visit customers all over the country. This all came to a sudden stop in March 2020 with the closure of all educational institutions due to COVID-19. I used it as an opportunity to take the business online, launching the site in August 2020.

Looking ahead...
I hope you enjoy browsing the virtual bookshelves and picking up some bargains. I am excited about developing the business online with new opportunities that will bring. Please sign up to the newsletter (at the bottom of the page) and I will keep you up to date on new titles and the progress of the business.

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