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Artway Rice Paper, Ink and Brush set

Paper roll | Sumi Ink | Brush | Storage tube

Suitable for traditional Sumi ink painting, Chinese brush painting, calligraphy, collage, printing, watercolour, illustration drawing etc.

Paper: 330mm x 25m

Ink: 100ml


Xuan Paper, or Rice Paper, is renowned for being soft and finely textured appearing as a thin, semi-opaque surface. Its delicate nature (40gsm approx.) renders it wholly suitable for both Chinese calligraphy, Chinese brush painting and printmaking. The characteristic of the paper and how pigment reacts to it is largely down to its absorbency - unsized (Raw) paper is porous and absorbent whilst lightly sized paper (Ripe) is less absorbent and more forgiving.

'Raw' and 'Ripe' options

Sheng (Raw - unsized) Xuan paper is a very absorbent surface and therefore harder to handle. Highly suitable for Xieyi painting (寫意 'sketching thoughts') adopting a more interpretive and free-flowing expressive style. The happy accidents and seeming lack of control are the essence of this way of working, 'though in the hands of a master this is deceptive and far from the truth.

Shu (Ripe - lightly sized) Xuan paper is less absorbent which ultimately renders it more suitable for finer, more illustrative brushwork. In China this style is best experienced through Gongbi (工笔) painting - a careful realist traditional technique (the opposite of Xieyi painting) the name being derived from the Chinese word 'gong jin' meaning 'tidy'. Mildly sized with a vegan-friendly synthetic plant-based solution.

More Information

Each paper roll is 330mm wide x 25mtr long and is stored in a sturdy card tube to keep it in perfect condition. Both sides of the paper can be used for working on however the smoother side tends to bring out a greater tonality in Sumi ink whilst heightening values when using colour. 

The main ingredient in rice paper production is cellulose - Artway rice paper rolls are essentially composed of cellulose derived from green sandalwood bark and straw - they are not acid-free but are vegan friendly.

Included with the rice paper roll is a container of 100ml Artway Chinese Sumi black ink. This free-flowing Chinese ink derived from burnt lamp oil is ideal for drawing, calligraphy and brushwork. Supplied in a plastic container with a screw cap for easy transference. Works beautifully with Artway bamboo dip pens, mapping pens and Artway Chinese brushes. This ink renders a deep black re-workable* finish with a slight sheen once dry (*subject to surface absorbency).

Also included is an Artway Chinese natural hair brush featuring a core of firm hog hair (for solidity) with an outer layer of fine, soft and more absorbent white goat hair (for fluidity). Ideal for Chinese/Japanese calligraphy, drawing and fluid painting (watercolour/ink) this bamboo-handled brush also features a useful hanging loop for storage and drying.

*Note: Xuan paper is very thin and delicate (40gsm approx), so it is not specifically intended for any printer use, particularly laser printers! However, certain inkjet printers are more tolerant of non-standard paper thicknesses than others. Some users of this paper have, through their trials, bonded it to regular printer paper for support prior to printing ... with some success.


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