Minimalism & After IV (Non-mint)


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Renate Wiehager

Softcover | 22.2 x 0.7 x 27 cm | 60 pp | 83 colour illustrations

DaimlerChrysler | 2005

Exhibition catalogue

Text in English and German

The Minimalism and After exhibition series was based on the idea that a transatlantic history of abstract-geometrical, reduced image-/object-forms needed to be rediscovered. This history starts with the ‘emigration’ of the Bauhaus and Constructivism in the 1930s, and the way they were received in the USA. It continues in the 1950s through the dialogue between American forms anticipating Minimalism and the ZERO and New Tendencies developments in Europe. 

Minimalism and After III concentrates on a dialogue between American and German artists. A total of 27 artistic positions were presented in the exhibition, with about 60 works from five decades.

The exhibition Minimalism and After IV presented key positions in Minimalism and examined how these tendencies originating in Europe and the USA have been received and developed in the context of contemporary art.

The focus is on historical and contemporary positions from Great Britain and USA - Michael Heizer (USA), Jeremy Moon (GB), Michael Kidner (GB) and Marcia Hafif (USA) alongside more recent approaches by artists like Jim Lambie (GB), Ian Davenport (GB) and Tom Sachs (USA).

The show also looked at minimalist-conceptual approaches to questions of architecture / space, with sculptures by Julian Opie (GB) and Mathias Goeritz (D/MEX) as well as photographs by Dan Graham (USA), Santiago Sierra (E) and Attila Csörgö (H).


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