DaimlerChrysler Collection

The Minimalism and After exhibition series was based on the idea that a transatlantic history of abstract-geometrical, reduced image/object-forms needed to be rediscovered.

The Minimalism & Applied exhibition series focused on artists working primarily within a fine art practice but transfer their rigorous artistic concepts to the applied arts -  architecture, graphic design, branding, logo design and furniture design. 

The DaimlerChrysler Collection - now the Mercedes-Benz Collection -  comprises work of the abstract avant-gardes of the 20th century and international contemporary art.

Exemplary abstract artworks from the 20th century are part of the Collection, ranging from works from the Bauhaus and classical modernism, concrete art, constructivism and art informel after 1945 to the European ZERO movement, minimalism and conceptual art, Neo Geo, postminimalism, and conceptual tendencies.